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  • Business of AR: Leading with Empathy

    In this course, we’ll dive into the art of empathy, exploring how to understand and connect with clients. From learning to see things from different perspectives, to showing genuine care and patience, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also touch...

    • Intermediate
  • Integrating Voice ML into your lenses

    Snap Lens Studio comes equipped with powerful tools for voice recognition, which use Machine Learning (ML). In this lesson, you’ll learn more about how this fun feature works. We’ll also challenge you to try new ways of integrating it into your...

    • Duration 20m
    • Intermediate
  • Building an interactive Lens from scratch

    Its time to create a ‘Glasses Try On Lens’ that combines Visual Scripting, Voice ML and Prefabs from the Asset Library to create a great user experience.

    • Duration 20m
    • Intermediate
  • Experimenting your way into Visual Scripting

    If you want to make complex Lenses with interactions, effects and more, you need some way to put those instructions into the Lens. In Lens Studio, you can do that directly with code or you can use Visual Scripting.

    • Duration 20m
    • Intermediate
  • Introduction to Visual Scripting

    In this more advanced set of lessons, you’re going to make your Lenses interactive, customized, and overall more complex. You will explore how professional creators learn new tools and features, and how they combine these into amazing Lenses.

    • Duration 5m
    • Intermediate
  • Visual Scripting Foundations

    Now that you've spent some time exploring the Tap to Trigger Animation example, you’ll explore the foundational concepts of Visual Scripting through a more complex example.

    • Duration 15m
    • Intermediate
  • Dynamic Ads on Snapchat

    Step into the world of Snap Focus, our cutting-edge learning hub designed just for you. Our latest Snap Focus course will teach you to master Dynamic Ads, so you can take your advertising to new heights. We'll show you how...

    • Path
    • Duration 27m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Credential
  • World + Hand Tracking Projects w/ Ana Estarita

    From November 15, 2023 On this stream, we interviewed Ana Estarita, an immersive and digital media designer, discussing her design workflows for AR immersive experiences. We began with her pre-visualization processes in VR and moved through her two most recent...

    • AR Studio Workshop: “Furniture Madness” by Arthur Bouffard

      Snap AR Ambassador Arthur Bouffard created a Lens which went viral. Using Snap AR advanced capabilities such as Physics, VFX, Hand Tracking, he created an experience so polished that it looks like a post-effect video and reached hundreds of thousands...

      • Duration 1.1h
      • Rating 5.0
      • Beginner
    • Tap Into 50,000+ ML Models with Lens Studio & Roboflow

      From October 12, 2023 Using Roboflow and SnapML, you can make the world programmable and enable never before seen interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in a Snapchat Lens. In this session, you'll learn how to use Roboflow to train a...

      • Rating 5.0
    • Tutorial: Physics in City Scale AR

      Learn how to use Lens Studio to spawn your own content that can interact with any of our scanned cities! In this tutorial unleash giant bouncy balls across the city using City Scale AR and Physics Components.

      • Duration 14m
      • Rating 5.0
      • Intermediate
    • Tutorial: Introduction to City Scale AR

      This Lens Studio tutorial covers City Scale AR, which is a script that forwards Device Location Tracking events as Behavior triggers. Learn how to attach your own content to a specific part of the city. In this tutorial we will...

      • Duration 10m
      • Beginner
    • How To Create Compelling AR Assets | AR Asset Hackathon

      From: August 1, 2023 Join us for Part 2 of 2 Livestreams for the 2023 AR Asset Hackathon. In this Lens Studio stream, Vivian Su and Jennifer Fullerton, Technical Art Engineers at Snap, discussed creative and technical best practices.