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  • Snapchat Advertising Essentials

    Learn the ins and outs of Snapchat advertising. Whether you’re looking to create a campaign, manage it, or make it even better, we’ve got you covered. Complete all six courses to earn your Ads Manager certification.

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  • Advertising on Snapchat

    Drive ROI for your brand or business — no matter where your customers are in their journey. 

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    • Duration 9m
  • Intro to Snapchat

    Explore all the different things that make Snapchat, Snapchat!

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    • Duration 16m
  • The Snapchat Generation

    See how Snapchatters are making big changes to how people communicate and stay close.

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    • Duration 9m
  • Creative Best Practices

    Get tips and best practices for creating powerful and impactful ads on Snapchat.

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    • Duration 24m