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  • Snapchat Trends

    For the Snapchat Generation, communication and self expression happen through pictures and videos shared with close friends and family. Learn how to mine insights that will provide a deeper understanding of the Snapchat Generation and what matters to them with...

    • Path
    • Duration 21m
    • Rating 5.0
  • Ads Manager Campaign Optimization

    Gain the knowledge and skills to measure and interpret campaign performance in Ads Manager. Then apply those learnings to optimize and improve results. This five-course practice certification gives marketing analysts and media managers hands-on learning to explore strategies that improve...

    • Collection
    • Rating 1.0
    • Credential
  • Privacy-Centric Ad Measurement

    Learn about Snap’s first-party, privacy-safe solutions that help advertisers measure their Snapchat campaigns effectively. These solutions offer the confidence needed to understand the efficacy of ads on Snapchat in terms of both measurement and optimization. 

    • Path
    • Duration 28m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Credential
  • Create a Talking Egg Head Lens

    This lesson explore creating a Lens project that uses Face Insets and a behavior script to bring your favorite food to life.

    • Duration 30m
  • Publish your Lens

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to deploy, distribute, and publish your Lens so the world can view it!

    • Segmentation

      Segmentation lets you easily segment a portion of the camera and replace it with an image, tiled image or post effect coloring. Multiple segmentation types are supported including portrait background, hair, sky, and more. Learn how to create your own...

      • Duration 30m
    • Face Attachments

      This lesson guides you through creating a Sunglasses Lens from scratch including using assets from the Asset Library and modifying the way those assets look so you can create something truly unique.

      • Duration 30m
    • Adding Interactivity

      In this lesson you will learn how to start using Scripts to create an interactive Lens. You will explore different interactions including touch and face interactions and learn how to trigger events based on the way the user interacts with...

      • Duration 35m
    • Adding Objects into the World

      In this lesson you will explore using cutouts to add Objects into the world. A cutout includes movement, scale, rotation, shadow and the ability to always look at the camera. Multiple Cutouts can be added to the Lens allowing you...

      • Duration 20m
    • Manage Your Lens

      Now that you’ve published one Lens (and hopefully many more soon), let’s explore the My Lenses portal. This portal will help you control and gain deeper insights into your Lenses.

      • Duration 10m
    • Introduction to AR

      A short course introducing the key concepts of Augmented Reality (AR).

      • Duration 5m
    • Face Distortion

      This lesson takes you through the Face Distortion effect and guides you through creating your very own Face Distortion Lens from scratch!

      • Duration 20m
    • Why Lens Studio

      Explore the basics of Lens Studio including what it's used for and best practice tips on making an engaging and popular AR Lens.

      • Duration 10m